The Plainfield Middle School Band Boosters use their website to communicate with parents of band students regarding fund raising events and also to accept credit card payments. Booster meeting dates and times are made available online and booster news updates are posted in a blog displayed on the front page.
The University of Illinois Bands website is updated and maintained by professors and staff members of the Bands department of the university. Professors post rehearsal schedules, syllabi, and reference recordings for students to prepare for rehearsals. The site also helps the Bands department promote annual outreach events to involve visiting middle and high school band programs.
VanderCook College of Music has two websites: one that was built and hosted by another company that features most of the college's content, and an online store that was built by VW Digital to replicate the main site. Through this site, VanderCook sells clothing and accessories, accepts donations to the college, and also collects dues payments for the VanderCook Alumni Association.